How to unzip AlomWare Toolbox with Windows Explorer or PeaZip

This video shows how to unzip and start using AlomWare Toolbox with either Windows Explorer or PeaZip 🡥 (0:39). The app is a true portable standalone executable, so no actual installation or setup is needed. Just agree to the EULA when the app first runs and that's it! 

How to save and restore PC states with AlomWare Toolbox

This video shows how you can use AlomWare Toolbox to save and restore different PC states of your running apps, open documents, and other PC settings like desktop icons layout, clipboard text, and so on. Everything you see in this video is in real-time; there are no cuts to speed anything up. Yep, switching open apps is that fast!

Disclaimer: It's technically impossible to fully restore your PC to a specific state, but AlomWare Toolbox gets you very close.

How to encrypt your Notes and Actions with AlomWare Toolbox

This video shows how you can encrypt all (or just part) of your Notes and automated Actions with AlomWare Toolbox. First set a password by clicking the "user" icon at the top-right of the window, and select the parts of the text that need encrypting or decrypting (which can be all of it, or just partial snippets). Then right-click the selected text and choose "Encryption" from the pop-up menu. Done!