Are you ready to start working smarter and be more productive?

Below is a solutions list that demonstrates the ways AlomWare Toolbox provides time-saving enhancements to your working day. We hope it demonstrates the power that it brings to your daily office tasks!

Note that the list is not exhaustive due to the app having far too many solutions to mention; and you can always script your own automation functions in a simple plain-English format without a computer degree.

Apps and Windows

Launch apps, docs or folders via hotkey, automated action, or pop-up dock.
Auto-open a window exactly how you like: position, size, transparency, etc.
Auto-close an opening app and launch a different app in its place instead.
Auto-close unwanted windows from opening by closing/terminating them.
Auto-perform an action when a window closes, like shutting down your PC.
Change a window to a thumbnail version to watch/click it in a smaller size.
Change a window's icon and/or title text to identify it easier in the taskbar.
Change an app's CPU priority for better performance if sluggish/intensive.
Dock a window to another and move them in unison when any is dragged.
Freeze the focus to the current window to stop focus stealing from others.
Force folders to always open maximized to see as many files as possible.
Force "Properties" windows to always open centered instead of randomly.
Force resizable windows to always open maximized to have more space.
Force quit an application from its window instead of the Task Manager.
Lock a window's position/size so it can't be accidentally moved/resized.
Lock a window's position/size so it remains with monitor [dis]connections.
Make a window stay on top of all others, or stop one from being on top.
Minimize any window to the System Tray, even if it doesn't support it.
Remove a window's taskbar button if you don't like it taking up space.
Roll up a window to show just its title bar and real-time thumbnail view.
Set a window's transparency level from 10 to 100% to see through it.
Set a window as the "target" so you can quickly switch to it with a hotkey.
Snip unlimited parts of your screen for viewing while doing other work.
Switch to adjacent windows with directional hotkeys (Alt+Tab alternative).
Uninstall an application directly from its window; even when it's running.
View more properties about a window (runtime, etc); or to open its folder.

Calendar and Dates

Browse several calendar months of the year at once, even while working on another document.
Calculate the number of days between two dates, in both real days and working (business) days.
For customer service, see what the date 7, 14 and 21 days away is; and 5/10 working days away.
Quickly see how many days are remaining in the current month, so you can meet your sales quotas.
Schedule reminders or automated tasks for a specific date or duration, with optional auto-recurrence.
Set up a quick reminder message to appear in X number of minutes with a line of text of your choice.
Set up custom annual reminders, such as for the end of Financial Year, Black Friday, and Christmas.


Automatically remove "mailto:" from email addresses and "index.html" from the end of website URLs.
Automatically remove spaces from the start and end of single lines of text, such as after copied words.
Clipboard history of copied text and images is saved. Multiple text copies are auto-joined as a bulk clip.
Copy the item under the mouse with the color picker (CMYK/RBG/HTML/more), text, window info, etc.
Copy the text from copied images by using the OCR technology provided with Windows® 10 and later.
Force cut/copied clipboard text to always be in plain text format (auto-remove any rich text formatting).
Easily check the current clipboard text by pressing the hotkey that opens AlomWare Toolbox's window.
Modify copied text from a selection of mods; such as into artwork, title case, adding all numbers, etc.
Re-copy the last clipboard text back to the clipboard when it gets overwritten by new cut/copied text.
Save copied text to the desktop without having to create the text file and paste the text into it manually.
Open copied text with Google, Wikipedia, etc; or write your own openers using automated actions.

Files and Folders

Backup files automatically when opening them with Toolbox, to easily revert to earlier versions.
Bulk-rename a folder of files using powerful scripting options and see real-time change previews.
Copy a list of files inside a folder to the clipboard in various formats (with/without extensions, etc).
Create multiple folders inside a folder without right-clicking and selecting "New Folder" repeatedly.
Encrypt any file type (up to 25 MB) as plain text that can be emailed to someone for decrypting.
Force folders to always open maximized to see as many files (and sub-folders) in them as possible.
Re-open the last used folder with a hotkey press, to save navigating back if it closed prematurely.
Search a folder of files by name, size, type, date, etc. Search settings can be saved for re-use.
Watch a folder of files with real-time monitoring to see what was added, deleted, or renamed.

Keyboard and Typing

Auto-retype the last line of typed text again, in cases where the form you were filling has crashed, etc.
Always see the LED key states (such as Caps Lock indicator) on PCs and laptops that don't show them.
Disable the Windows® key at any time, which can be extremely useful when playing full-screen games.
Force Num Lock to stay on so that you don't move the cursor by mistake if you turn it off by accident.
Hear mechanical typewriter sounds when you type, either for fun or to assist for accessibility reasons.
Replace what you type with pre-made corrections or to auto-complete (expand) a shortcut text phrase.
Set the "Enter" key to not react if pressed too quickly after other text, to prevent typos being submitted.
Use the built-in macro recorder to record your keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks for later playback.
Type phrases from a pop-up list of text selections, with dynamic content such as the current date/time.
Type text from a hotkey such as your email, phone number, address, logins for websites, and so on.
Type new text from a shortcut trigger, such as "addy" to type your full address, or to fix regular typos.

PC Tweaks

Auto-mute your PC's sound when it's locked so there's no background noise while it's not being used.
Clean-slate your PC by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del to close all open apps and windows immediately.
Create pop-up docks to open apps/docs at the mouse, or when clicking the bottom of your desktop.
Don't let removable drives go to sleep so there's no delays accessing them after a period of non-use.
Hide/show all your desktop files instantly, such as before unzipping new files to keep them separate.
Kill any process directly from AlomWare Toolbox's command box instead of using the Task Manager.
Lock a window's position/size so it doesn't move when a monitor is disconnected or reconnected.
Lock your PC with a glass-like overlay so you can still monitor its activity without anybody using it.
Prevent monitor burn-in from the taskbar by having a smaller taskbar version auto-shifting there.
Prevent your PC from going to sleep/standby when you're not using it for a long period of time.
Save and load any number of desktop icon layouts, so connecting monitors doesn't rearrange them.
See a real-time PC overview of open windows that you can click to switch to (Alt+Tab alternative).
See the LED key states (such as Caps Lock) and battery charge on laptops that don't show them.
See and copy the item under the mouse with the color picker; plus view text and window info, etc.
Save and restore your PC state so that running apps and windows can re-open that way in future.
Screenshots taken with the PrintScreen key are auto-saved without having to manually name them.
Screenshots can be saved with their app name, window title, and web URL for easy searching later.