"PC Trucs & Astuces" magazine

Published in issue 26 (March 2017)

"There is a lot packed in with this app ranging from Windows tweaks to file management, putting them all together in a single app. You would think that with so many options, the interface would be congested - it isn't. AlomWare made it very organized, allowing any user to benefit. [...] Consider AlomWare Toolbox your all-in-one assistant, giving you centralized access to everyday actions through a user-friendly interface."

Independent Review 🡥

"AlomWare Toolbox works both as a powerful productivity-boosting tool and a PC tweaking utility. With all its tools and options, this application is by excellence a viable assistant for daily office use, allowing you to save both time and effort when carrying out routine tasks. From taking notes and logging appointments to automating tasks, creating file backups or monitoring folders, this application can do it all for you."

Mihaela Teodorovici 🡥

"AlomWare Toolbox offers a robust set of features and options for various use cases. What makes it stand out is really its built-in scripting function — something that is very rare to see in these types of tools. [...] To say that this toolbox offers a lot is an understatement. [...] You also get powerful file management features like context-based search queries that let you describe what you're looking for using a sentence [...] Other handy features include the ability to automate actions, as well as the Power Menu, which is like your contextual menu on steroids on a per-app and folder basis."

Independent Review 🡥

"When working on any standard Windows PC, we need a number of tools for doing small things such as keeping reminders, taking screenshots, managing the clipboard and some basic automation. While we can find different tools for doing all of these things from the Internet, pretty soon we end up using half a dozen of apps on our PC. [...] Instead of using multiple tools, we can use one tool that offers so many features called AlomWare Toolbox. It is a must to have software for all kind of users and offers a number of productivity tools."

Independent Review 🡥