30-day free trial

AlomWare Toolbox can always be run in free trial sessions without any payment for 30 days by entering a trial code at each launch (shown at left). After 30 days of no unlock code being entered, the app will stop working at random times to encourage payment. Please note: There is no detailed tech support provided with the free trial (only basic help).


Unlock for one month

Have you finished your 30-day free trial but would still like to enjoy all the benefits of AlomWare Toolbox for an affordable monthly price? This is the option for you. And no, this is not a recurring auto-billed subscription: you just pay for another month manually every time that you're ready.


Unlock for life!

For a limited time: For a single one-off payment you can get an unlock code that is valid for LIFE for as many PCs as you personally own. You'll also be eligible for both email and live chat support. Don't delay, as this special price is not going to stay this low forever... why risk missing out?