Requirements and Setup

  • What are the PC requirements for the app?
    AlomWare Toolbox requires Windows® 7 or later (64-bit only) and with or without admin rights. Running as admin gives it better functionality. There is no setup or installation as the app is portable software (a true standalone exe).

  • How do I install and run AlomWare Toolbox?
    After downloading the zip file, "unzip" it (video) so the folder "AlomWare Toolbox" inside is extracted for use on your PC. Then double-click the "Toolbox.exe" file to run the app. If Windows shows you a false positive warning, you'll need to white list or follow these steps to bypass it.

Payment Questions

  • Why doesn't my Beta unlock code work?
    Starting with v1.00, the unlock code system was updated to not be hardware-based anymore, and thus a new unlock code is needed for previous Beta users. We sent an email to everyone about it, but if you didn't receive it (have you checked your Spam folder?) then email us and we'll reply with your new code. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Is payment for life, or is it a subscription?
    Currently, paying for AlomWare Toolbox gets you a lifetime (perpetual) unlock code for any PC that you own; it's not a subscription model. However, this is subject to change in future, so if you're thinking about getting an unlock code then we strongly recommend that you do it today so that you're grandfathered 🡥 into the current lifetime model.
  • Can I use the app for free?
    For a while! The app has a 30-day free trial so you can kick the tyres and get to learn how it works. You don't have to create an account or give us credit card details. You need to enter a usage code when it starts (for anti-bot reasons), and after 30 days the app will stop working at random to encourage payment for an unlock code and support us.

  • What is your refund policy?
    Please try before you buy. The app is fully functional and can be tested to your total satisfaction before paying. Your payment is solely to receive a personal unlock code; and like a lottery ticket can't be returned after being scratched, neither can we give a refund if you change your mind after receiving your code. Thank you for understanding.

Privacy and your Data

  • Does AlomWare respect my privacy?
    Yes! Everything you do with AlomWare Toolbox is never seen, known, or accessible to us at any time; and there's no code in the app to secretly send your data to us. You don't even need an internet connection to run it, but if you're not convinced then learn how to block AlomWare Toolbox with a firewall 🡥. There are also Privacy Settings in the app that may be of interest to you.

  • Will I ever get locked out of my data?
    Never! The app mainly stores your data as plain text (aside from any optional encryption as explained above), and as PNG images for your screenshots and clipboard images. This means you can always get your data from outside of AlomWare Toolbox; there's no "vendor lock-in" with us.
  • Can my Notes and Actions be encrypted?
    Yes. By default, no data is initially encrypted, to (a) save you having to enter a password every time the app starts, and (b) to keep your data accessible if you forget your password. To encrypt your Notes or Actions, first click the "user" icon at the top-right of the app to set a password for that session, and then wrap the text to encrypt or decrypt between these markers: {? and }. Watch our video.

  • How do I upgrade AlomWare Toolbox?
    First, quit the app if it's running, and then just unzip the new version over the old version's folder. Yes, it's literally that simple, and you won't lose any existing settings or app data such as your notes and automated actions. And unlike other products, our updates are always free of charge!

Operational FAQ

  • Where can I read more about AlomWare Toolbox?
    We have a partial Online Manual 🡥 for you to browse, but please note that the Automation topic isn't done at this time. The manual also comes with the app's download as a standard Windows® CHM Help file for offline reading.

  • Do you have any videos about AlomWare Toolbox?
    We sure do! Please see our Videos page on this site, or subscribe to our YouTube 🡥 channel. New videos will be added from time to time. If you have a suggestion for a video (such as to learn how to do something with AlomWare Toolbox), then please contact us and let us know what you'd like to see.

  • Why can't I auto-type on some windows when using an action?
    Make sure the window is activated (has the focus) first, and that if it's an admin window that AlomWare Toolbox is also running as admin (see the "General" menu). You may need to use the "Window: Activate" step before using the macro or typing steps in your action. You may also need to set a slight delay before the typing starts, such as specifying "{z50}" (without quotes) at the start of the macro or typing step, to pause for 50 ms before typing.

  • Why aren't windows auto-moving when using an action?
    Make sure the window is activated (has the focus) first, and that if it's an admin window that AlomWare Toolbox is also running as admin (see the "General" menu). Also make sure you're specifying the actual correct target window - for example, its title may have changed since it opened. A window has to be an exact match.

  • Why doesn't the Power menu appear for some windows?
    This is because the window is of admin type and AlomWare Toolbox is not currently being run as admin. Restart it as admin (see the "General" menu) and it will work. Note also that sometimes middle-clicking a window's icon area to show the Power menu makes that window open another tab as well, such as web browsers or with Windows® 11's new "Folder Tabs". You can use an automated action with a hotkey to open the Power menu on these windows instead (it looks like this).