AlomWare Toolbox

Version 2.00.03 for Win 7 (64-bit) and later.  No account or credit card needed.

Automation Functions

Create automated actions that perform functions such as typing phrases for you; launching apps; clicking things; waiting for something to occur (such as a battery level change); and so on.

Calendar and Reminders

Browse a calendar by multiple months for quick reference; calculate days between dates; and set reminders and scheduled tasks like DOS commands or automated actions to be run whenever you choose.

Clipboard History and Management

Your plain clipboard text and images can be retained in a history list, meaning that you'll no longer lose important text you copied! Text clips can also be converted to sentence case and other handy formats.

Save and Restore PC States

Save the way things are running and open on your PC: your apps and their window positions, the clipboard text, the desktop resolution and icon layouts; and restore that state in two clicks at any time!

Tweak Your PC

Make your PC do things the way that you want, such as changing the notification position; keeping the Num Lock key on; having a Caps Lock indicator; drag any window by holding Alt down; and so on.

Window Management

Auto-move your regular windows to the size and position you prefer; keep them on top; set their transparency; dock them to move with others; get alerted when they close if you're not in the room; and so on.

"Excellent (and ludicrously well featured) software. Very useful and fills more than one niche" -