SHA-256 hashes are used to verify that a file hasn't been hacked or tampered with since publication.

If you received AlomWare Toolbox from any place other than, then please compare the unzipped "Toolbox.exe" file version's hash with any online SHA-256 scanner to ensure it matches the hash published on this web page. It must be an exact match to be safe for use.

If it doesn't match, you should immediately delete it and download it fresh from instead.

The Command Box, used for entering pre-set commands to do something quickly such as calculations, setting reminders, running a DOS command, terminating a process without needing to open the Windows Task Manager, etc.
Next to the Command Box is information about the text in it. By default, this shows the number of characters typed into it, but if you end the Command Box with an equals sign (=) then it's considered to be an equation and the result is shown here instead. Handy for quick maths without opening the Calculator!
The Password button for specifying a temporary password for this AlomWare Toolbox session. It's not saved anywhere and is lost when you quit the app or when you click the button a second time. The password entered here is used for encrypting and decrypting private text in your Notes and Automation steps.
The Pin button for keeping AlomWare Toolbox's window on top of all others.
Messages about the last thing you did in the app, and to show the full text of selected list items.
A short convenience preview of the current text in the clipboard.
The current time and date for your quick reference.

Essential PC tweaks and automation to make your workday easier!

Made for Windows

Minimum system requirements

Windows® 7 or higher, 64-bit system, limited or admin rights.
Minimum desktop resolution size of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
At least 100 MB of free disk space is plenty initially, but taking
taking screenshots and other app functions will require more.

Directly download the zip file now

Click the button to download the portable zip version

Currently: v0.982 Beta (26 Jan 2023). See the Change log for fixes/updates.
No installation or setup is needed: just unzip the download and run the exe.
The SHA-256 file hash (?) for this version of "Toolbox.exe" (not the zip file) is:
2e1a82909debc25bf002b4d2e99f7c16bc2f6c8023f587cde48022ed0273582d has been featured on and recommended by the following respected websites since 2016:


Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

Welcome!  AlomWare Toolbox is the essential PC sidekick for your business that saves you time, work and money
See how many times AlomWare Toolbox has boosted your productivity!
by bringing system tweaks and automation functions to relieve your daily office grind. Stop suffering the way your computer does things by default, and lose the annoyance of performing boring, repetitive tasks all day. Here's a quick summary of how your workday can be made easier right now:

   Force windows to always open wherever you want
Middle-click the icon area of a window (its top-left corner) to change where and how it opens.
, and also keep them on top, make them transparent, etc.
   Record your keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks with the built-in macro recorder for automatic playback.
   Auto-type text or replace keystrokes with macros, pop-up lists, hotkeys, pre-made corrections, and shortcuts.
   Keep a list of copied clipboard text
The list of your cut or copied clipboard text. Right-clicking an item lets you manipulate it; such as changing its case, etc.
and images for re-copying later, or to modify copied text to title case, etc.
   Set scheduled tasks and reminders
At the bottom-right, a new task is being set to automatically run a DOS command every hour.
that show messages or run DOS commands or automated actions for you.
   Backup files automatically when opening them with a hotkey, so you can always revert to an earlier version.
   Trigger an action to perform when a window closes, like shutting down your PC or making it whistle an alert.
   Tweak your PC with options like showing the Caps Lock status on laptops, having a transparent taskbar, etc.
   See an overview of all open apps on your PC, so you're in total control and don't miss anything important.
   Save and restore your PC's state
The States tab showing how you can clean-slate your PC, and how to restore PC states that you previously saved.
to set up different workflows without needing to reboot (watch video).

The above is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Please see our Solutions page for a longer list of how AlomWare Toolbox will improve your productivity immediately to make you work smarter (not harder) than ever before. We know you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Best of all: AlomWare Toolbox is always FREE for casual use in repeatable five-hourly sessions with no sign-up, no account creation, and no credit card. Optional: Buying a one-year unlock code (per PC) gets you no session limits for full uninterrupted use and technical support.

Hover (or click) your mouse over the yellow buttons to read about each item:

Your privacy with AlomWare Toolbox. AlomWare Toolbox respects your privacy and has settings where you decide what the app remembers. For example, the app has a clipboard history feature but you might not want to use this. Just disable it in Settings, or specify partial black-listed text that will never be saved. The app never accesses the internet behind your back, but for those who don't know or trust us yet, you can always block the app with a firewall for your own peace of mind.

AlomWare Toolbox is portable.  Unlike some other apps, AlomWare Toolbox does not need any installation or setup to be used, and neither does it require you to download any supporting frameworks like .NET or Java. You simply unzip the download and double-click the "Toolbox.exe" file to start using it. Even better: if you unzip it to an external drive or USB stick, then all data used by the app will not be lost when you reinstall Windows®, and will also be available to use on any PC that you plug the external drive or USB stick into. Think about it: all your reminders, notes, and automated actions will be with you wherever you go - without needing an internet connection! (Note: If used on a PC that you haven't unlocked, the app will still run in free repeatable five-hourly sessions by entering a free-use code).

Windows® tweaks.  AlomWare Toolbox has a variety of tweaks for Windows®, such as: stopping removable drives from going to sleep; having a transparent taskbar; shifting the taskbar to prevent monitor burn-in (a nice alternative to auto-hiding it); keeping the Num Lock key on at all times; showing the Caps Lock status in the system tray; hearing typewriter sounds while you type; letting you specify where toast notifications appear on the desktop (instead of defaulting to the bottom-right corner); and much more. None of these tweaks are permanent and don't change your PC or Registry to apply them, and they will stop when you quit the app.

PC overview.  AlomWare Toolbox has a productivity-boosting "PC overview" feature that shows all open windows (and folders) on your desktop as a live thumbnail strip. This means you can keep an eye over everything running on your PC at all times, without having to switch windows, move them, or minimize them. Even maximized windows will no longer block you from seeing what's happening at any time. Clicking a thumbnail will bring its window to the front, similar to the Windows® taskbar but with the benefit of real-time imagery! You can right-click any thumbnail to apply actions to its window, such as keeping it on top, transparent, minimizing it to the System Tray, freezing the focus to it, and so on. When your work is done, you can even close all open windows (and/or folders) with just two clicks!

Clean-slate your PC session.  Once you're done working on a project or task and need to move onto another, wouldn't it be great to "clean slate" your PC back to a boot-like state? Just press the hotkey of Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del at any time to "reboot" your PC without the wait (similar to the "three-finger salute" of DOS-based computers). This hotkey makes AlomWare Toolbox quickly close all open windows and apps, clear the clipboard, kill the processes of your choice, free unused memory (RAM), and reset other PC settings to their default state. This function is perfect for recovering control of your PC when it has "locked up" or "frozen".

The Power menu for apps.  Take control of your windows! When you middle-click the icon area of any window, the Power menu appears so you can do something to it or its app. The usual handy things are there such as making that window stay on top of all others, minimizing it to the system tray, and setting its transparency. AlomWare Toolbox also gives you advanced features like: creating an automated action to open that app or document; changing it to a small on-top thumbnail view; freezing the focus to it so other apps can't switch you out of it; force quitting the window's app; and automatically doing something when the app or folder closes (such as shutting down your PC).

The Power menu for folders.  Similar to the above for apps: when you middle-click the icon area of any folder, the Power menu appears so you can conveniently do something with that folder. The options are: bulk-renaming files with scripted rules; copying a list of files; opening a DOS prompt; creating multiple new sub-folders with specific names; searching files; and watching the folder for changes.

The Calendar tab.  The Calendar tab is where you have a multi-month calendar view, where you can click a date to get information related to that date; such as days away, working days away, weeks away, etc. You can also see at a glance how far away the end of month is, end of financial year is, and how far away some miscellaneous holiday dates are. There is also a Reminder panel in this tab, where you can set one-off or recurring reminders to either show a message, run a DOS command, run an automated action, or open a website.

The Notes tab.  The Notes tab is where you store no-fuss plain-text notes that can be searched for quick reference or copying. Notes can be fully or partially encrypted by clicking the Password icon at the top-right of AlomWare Toolbox's window. This password is not saved or sent anywhere and keeps your encrypted notes 100% safe from prying eyes. Notes can be optionally auto-saved every minute so they're safe if your PC shuts down or restarts unexpectedly.

The Clipboard tab.  The Clipboard tab is where AlomWare Toolbox remembers and stores your cut/copied plain text and images, for the purpose of you copying them back to the clipboard later. For example, if you've typed a lot of text into a web page and you don't want to lose that text if the page crashes, then you could copy the completed text first to make AlomWare Toolbox remember it. If the web page then crashes, you don't need to re-type it all again but instead just re-copy it back to the clipboard to paste into the page.

The Screenshots tab.  The Screenshots tab is where AlomWare Toolbox remembers and stores your screenshots made when you press the PrintScreen key, for the purpose of you viewing them for reference later, or copying back to the clipboard later. If you take a screenshot of a web page in a supported browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera) then the URL for that web page can be optionally remembered for the screenshot, so you can re-open that web page by double-clicking the screenshot's name in the list.

The Files -> Backup tab.  The Files -> Backup tab lets you drag-and-drop files (up to 100 MB in size each) onto its Protected file list, so that whenever you double-click a file in that list in future, it is automatically backed-up before being opened for editing/viewing. This means you can make any changes you like and rest safe in the knowledge that whatever you do can be reverted at any time. And because AlomWare Toolbox is an automation app, you can assign the opening of your Protected files to a hotkey or other convenient action, so you don't need to show AlomWare Toolbox's window and switch to this tab to do it.

The Files -> Search tab.  The Files -> Search tab lets you search for files on your PC using a plain-English sentence composition, such as "Find all files larger than 1gb in C: and its subfolders". Searches can be done by type (docs, images, sounds, video, etc) and date range (today, yesterday, in the past week, close to, around, etc). Your search settings can be saved for future use, and searches are done in realtime (not cached) so that you always get the correct current results. A search button named "PC" lets you search all local drives on your PC at once by automatically stepping through drives A to Z in turn. Please note that searching for text inside files is only partially supported and will only match on plain unencrypted text seen in the file.

The Files -> Rename tab.  The Files -> Rename tab lets you bulk-rename files inside a folder using scripts that you compose from a list. Unlike other apps, AlomWare Toolbox's scripts are easy to understand and have a realtime preview of the changes so you can immediately see the effects on your files. Scripts can be saved for future use. Renaming can be done on either the entire filename, just the name part, or just the extension. You can also add or remove extensions if desired.

The Files -> Watch tab.  The Files -> Watch tab lets you choose a folder to watch to see which files and folders get added, removed (including deletion), and renamed inside them. You can choose to watch all files, or specific types like docs, images, sounds, videos, etc. All changes are shown in realtime and can be handy to see what's going on in your folders. Note that to monitor your C: drive, you need to run AlomWare Toolbox with admin rights.

The Automation tab.  The Automation tab lets you create automated actions that do things automatically on your PC, such as typing text or phrases, clicking items or areas of the desktop, launching apps, moving windows, modifying the clipboard text, and so on. If you need something done regularly that is repetitive or time-consuming, then creating an automated action will save your day!

The States tab.  The States tab solves one of the most annoying things about using your PC: setting up all your apps and their windows for use every day (or when just switching workflows). Wouldn't it be fantastic to just select a pre-saved state that did it all for you? With AlomWare Toolbox, you can! Once you've got everything set up the way you like (that is, your app window positions, clipboard text, desktop resolution, etc) just press both Ctrl and both Shift keys all together to take a "snapshot" of that state. AlomWare Toolbox will do its best to remember which apps are running and which windows are open and their attributes (such as on-top and transparency), and save that data as a "PC state". When you choose to restore that PC state later, AlomWare Toolbox will re-launch the apps and set their windows to their saved positions again, as well as (optionally) restoring the desktop resolution, desktop icon layout, clipboard text, and so on. The best way to understand this is to see it happening, so click the "Watch" button below to see a video of it in action.

Disclaimer: This feature is under constant revision due to the way Windows® updates and operates, and thus may not always be 100% effective. No app can ever totally restore your PC to the exact state it was before, but AlomWare Toolbox brings that experience very close and with as little effort by you as possible. We appreciate your understanding of this challenging task.

The Misc and Log tabs.  The Misc tab is used to zoom into your desktop and to browse your fonts. When zooming, you get detailed information about the item under the mouse, such as the pixel color in various formats (RGB, CMYK, HTML, etc) and the text and app underneath it. When browsing fonts, the default text is in QWERTY keyboard layout, so fonts like "Wingdings" will relate each character to its real keyboard key. Selecting text in the font box will show the keyboard text needed for it in the Status Bar.

The Log tab is used to show the output of DOS commands entered in the Command Box at the very top of the window, and to show messages from automated action steps that specifically output the messages there. It can also be used as an ad-hoc scratchpad to save the need to open Windows® Notepad or creating a new note in the app.
Thanks for your interest in AlomWare Toolbox!

Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

Below is a just partial list of what AlomWare Toolbox can do to provide time-saving enhancements to your working day; some of which you may not have ever considered! This list is not exhaustive due to having too many solutions to mention, and new productivity-boosting features are added regularly. If a useful feature you need isn't available, the Automation tab of AlomWare Toolbox gives you the future-proof power to script your own helpful functions in a simple plain-English format that is easy to understand (see an example
Can you guess what this automated action does?
). We hope the list convinces you that AlomWare Toolbox is an essential investment to your working day in the office.

Apps and Windows


Computer Tweaks

Files and Folders

Keyboard and Typing

  • Auto-retype the last line of typed text again, in cases where the form you were filling has crashed, etc.
  • Always see the LED key states (such as Caps Lock indicator) on PCs and laptops that don't show them.
  • Disable the Windows® key at any time, which can be extremely useful when playing full-screen games.
  • Force Num Lock to stay on so that you don't move the cursor by mistake if you turn it off by accident.
  • Hear mechanical typewriter sounds when you type, either for fun or to assist for accessibility reasons.
  • Replace what you type with pre-made corrections or to auto-complete (expand) a shortcut text phrase.
  • Set the "Enter" key to not react if pressed too quickly after other text, to prevent typos being submitted.
  • Use the built-in macro recorder to record your keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks for later playback.
  • Type text from a hotkey such as your email, phone number, address, logins for websites, and so on.
  • Type phrases from a pop-up list of text selections, with dynamic content such as the current date/time.

Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

What are the PC requirements to run AlomWare Toolbox?

AlomWare Toolbox requires Windows® 7 or later without admin rights, but running it as admin will give it more automation power over your PC (such as using it to watch your C: drive for changes, or to auto-type on admin-run app windows). It is a single zip file download for 64-bit PCs (32-bit is not supported), and needs less than 100 MB of disk space when first run. (Taking screenshots with it uses more disk space, but these can be offloaded to a different external folder for access with the app). You don't need to install any additional bloated supporting frameworks like .NET or Java because AlomWare Toolbox is a single standalone portable executable file for Windows®.

Does AlomWare Toolbox alter my PC's files or change my Registry settings?

No. AlomWare Toolbox is portable, so it doesn't need admin rights to run and doesn't need any setup or installation. It saves its settings in the folder where it's run; doesn't alter existing files or folders on your PC; and doesn't change existing Registry settings during use. The only changes it makes to your files are when you've created automated actions to specifically do this.

Does AlomWare Toolbox have a virus or malware?

No. Please see the real-time third-party independent evidence from Google's Transparency Report and VirusTotal that prove no malware is found here. If your anti-virus product is mistakenly alerting that AlomWare Toolbox has malware, it's probably due to the automation features of the app; so you'll need to white-list "Toolbox.exe" to stop the alerts. Here's where to white-list in Windows® 10. Note that downloading a crack or keygen for AlomWare Toolbox from piracy websites will infect your PC, because these are what contain malware.

Why might I get a warning when trying to run AlomWare Toolbox?

If you get a warning message about "Windows protected your PC" or an "unknown publisher" when running AlomWare Toolbox, it just means Windows® can't verify the publisher (AlomWare) with Microsoft at this time. Despite this warning, your PC is never at risk (see the above question about malware) as this is just a standard warning from Windows®. To perform your own manual publisher verification, compare the SHA-256 hash of the unzipped "Toolbox.exe" file (not the zip file) under the "Download" button on our Home page with any online SHA-256 verification service. If it matches, then your download is safe and you can select "Run anyway" (or "Run") to skip the warning in future.

How do I install AlomWare Toolbox?

Watch how to unzip and run AlomWare Toolbox with Windows® 10 and PeaZip

AlomWare Toolbox is a portable app, so no setup or installation is needed. Once downloaded from, unzip the downloaded file so the folder named "AlomWare Toolbox" is saved somewhere on your PC. (Learn how by watching the above video, or use a free tool like PeaZip to do it). As shown in the video, simply double-click the "Toolbox.exe" file inside the unzipped "AlomWare Toolbox" folder to run the app. You'll need to accept the End-User License Agreement before you can use it, and then AlomWare Toolbox will set itself to auto-run whenever you start your PC or log in. (Note: You can disable auto-run in the app's settings).

Does AlomWare Toolbox respect my privacy?

Yes. Everything you do with AlomWare Toolbox is never seen, known, or accessible to us at any time; and nothing in the app secretly sends your data to us. You don't even need an internet connection to run it, but if you're not convinced, then learn how to block AlomWare Toolbox with a firewall. Just remember that doing this will prevent you using the email or website automated actions features of the app.

All your data and app settings are stored offline in a local folder named "Toolbox Data" where AlomWare Toolbox is run. There is a setting to change the data folder to another location if you wish. We don't save by default to "the cloud" for two reasons: (a) your data is none of our business, and (b) being offline means your data isn't sitting on an online server somewhere that hackers can attack.

Is my data encrypted for privacy?

By default, your data is not encrypted, to (a) save you having to enter a password every time the app starts, and (b) keep your important data accessible if you forget your password - we don't want you to accidentally lock yourself out! But you can click the "user" icon at the top-right of AlomWare Toolbox's window to set a password for that session (launch). This password is not saved or sent anywhere, and is lost when the app quits or when you specifically choose to stop using it. When set, your notes and automated action steps can be encrypted by wrapping sensitive text in this format: {?text to be hidden}. To understand better, click the images below or watch the video.

Will I ever be locked out of my data?

Absolutely not. The app stores your data as plain text (with optional encryption as explained above), and as PNG images for your screenshots and clipboard images. This means you can always get your data from outside of AlomWare Toolbox if you desire. We're old-school coders with real morals: we don't lock your data in a database to force you to keep using the app (aka "vendor lock-in").

Is AlomWare Toolbox accessible and/or DPI-aware?

Yes. Despite our videos and screenshots showing specific colors for the app, you can change them to your own color scheme, switch them off altogether, or just use the default Windows® color scheme that you've set. These are done in the "Settings -> General -> Window -> Item colors" area. The recommended minimum desktop size is 1024 x 768 pixels, with small system fonts (100% DPI). Anything less than these means the app won't be able to display everything correctly for you.

Is AlomWare Toolbox available in languages other than English?

Unfortunately not. AlomWare Toolbox contains a massive amount of instructional text and messages, and supporting multiple languages is not planned due to both the costs of professional translation and the logistics of embedding dozens of languages into the app. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this brings to non-English users.

How do I upgrade AlomWare Toolbox?

Quit the app if it's running, and then unzip the new version over the old version's folder. Yes, it's literally that simple, and you won't lose any data or settings. Remember, we don't charge for updates - if your unlock code is current, then you can always freely download and enjoy the latest version at any time!

Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

Review published in popular French computer "PC Trucs & Astuces" in 2017 (back when the app was known as AlomWare Actions)

See what these independent software websites have to say!

There is a lot packed in with this app ranging from Windows tweaks to file management, putting them all together in a single app. You would think that with so many options, the interface would be congested - it isn't. AlomWare made it very organized, allowing any user to benefit. [...] Consider AlomWare Toolbox your all-in-one assistant, giving you centralized access to everyday actions through a user-friendly interface.

AlomWare Toolbox works both as a powerful productivity-boosting tool and a PC tweaking utility. With all its tools and options, this application is by excellence a viable assistant for daily office use, allowing you to save both time and effort when carrying out routine tasks. From taking notes and logging appointments to automating tasks, creating file backups or monitoring folders, this application can do it all for you.

AlomWare Toolbox offers a robust set of features and options for various use cases. What makes it stand out is really its built-in scripting function — something that is very rare to see in these types of tools. [...] To say that this toolbox offers a lot is an understatement.

When working on any standard Windows PC, we need a number of tools for doing small things such as keeping reminders, taking screenshots, managing the clipboard and some basic automation. While we can find different tools for doing all of these things from the Internet, pretty soon we end up using half a dozen of apps on our PC. Using so many tools not only wastes the system resources but we have to jump from one application to another all the time. [...] Instead of using multiple tools, we can use one tool that offers so many features called AlomWare Toolbox. It is a must to have software for all kind of users and offers a number of productivity tools.

Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

AlomWare Toolbox is currently BETA with no payment required at this time.
However, we are offering these two limited-time offers during this Beta period:

Offer 1:  Get a free ONE-YEAR unlock code for one PC by copying your PC's ID and
emailing it to us. We'll email you back an unlock code so that you can use the app
without having any session limits. Please note: This offer is only valid once per user.

Offer 2:  Support the app's development with a USD $10 donation and we'll give you
a LIFETIME unlock code for one PC, to thank you for your crowd-funding assistance! :)

Copyright © 2016-   All rights reserved

Need to unlock AlomWare Toolbox?  If you did not provide your PC ID when paying, or you paid for more than one PC, then you'll need to email them to us now. To do this, copy all your PC IDs by: (1) running AlomWare Toolbox on each PC, (2) clicking the "Help" menu, and (3) selecting "Copy this PC's ID and/or Pay now". Then email us your name and the PC IDs. Your unlock codes will be emailed back to you within 12 hours due to our anti-fraud checks, but is usually much sooner. Don't forget that you get free repeatable five-hour sessions during the wait by entering a free-use code. We appreciate your patience and thank you for supporting AlomWare!


Computer crashEmail/Phone support:  For paid users needing help: we don't believe in making you "submit a ticket" as if you're just a number to us! Instead, simply send us an email and you'll get a knowledgeable response from the development team themselves (not from a call center monkey following a script). Be sure to use the relevant email address below for the fastest assistance, and remember to describe your problem in as much detail as possible (including pasting any automation action steps if relevant). For any complicated issues arising from your enquiry, we'll call you by voice to discuss the situation in person and work with you over the phone to resolve your concerns. is for tech support for unlocked paid users only. is for all sales and other business-related queries. is for feedback, media contact, and general info.


Please share!  If you love AlomWare Toolbox, we kindly ask that you please click the Facebook and Twitter buttons below, or at the top of any web page, to let your business associates and friends know about it. We thank you for taking these very small and momentary clicks to help spread the word.

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Cookies and our Website

While you are browsing our website, no personal information is secretly collected about you, and we have no way of knowing who you are unless you actively contact us. However, some non-personal information will be collected about your visit, such as the browser you're using, the links you clicked, which operating system you're using, which screen resolution and color depth your monitor is, etc. This anonymous data collection is standard practice for websites and used for demographic purposes only. In addition, we may store "cookies" (tiny text files) in your browser for purposes of these demographics; if you wish to opt out of these, then please consult your browser's manual for assistance on blocking them. By not taking steps to actively block cookies, AlomWare assumes you are happy to accept them.

Your Payment Information

Payment for AlomWare Toolbox is done through PayPal's secure (HTTPS) order page, not us. PayPal provides us with personal information about you, such as your name, physical address, email address, and so on. This is needed for customer service reasons. If you choose to pay by credit card, your card details aren't seen by AlomWare at all. You may wish to visit PayPal's website to view its Privacy Policy and learn how they handle and protect your personal information.

Your Personal and Data Information

Personal Information: This is only used for the purpose of which it was provided. For example, we'll use your email address to respond to any queries from you, or to announce news of an update or bug-fixes for any purchases you have made from us. Your email address and other personal information will never be shared with third parties under any circumstances (unless required by law, subpoena, or court order).
Data Information: The data you create with our products is kept locally on the PC on which it's run, and is never copied off that PC or transmitted over the internet to anyone (including AlomWare). You can block our products with a firewall if you want extra peace-of-mind.

Feedback, Bug Reports, and Ideas

AlomWare welcomes any feedback, bug reports, and ideas that will improve our products. However, you agree that any such correspondence we receive from you may be used by AlomWare indefinitely in any form and without any compensation, credit or acknowledgement to you.

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