What is AlomWare Toolbox?

AlomWare Toolbox is productivity software for Windows that empowers office workers to work more efficiently every day.

It saves you time.

Whether it's to avoid the repetitive hassle of typing the same text day after day, or auto-positioning your work windows to kick-start your morning, AlomWare Toolbox can do it all for you! It's the best AutoHotkey alternative because it uses English-like automation and doesn't need a separate exe file running for each automation function.

It eases your workday.

Accidentally copied new text to the clipboard and lost what you needed in there, or closed an app that you still needed open? Relax: AlomWare Toolbox's Map tab gets them back fast! Consider the benefit of seeing all your open windows as live thumbnails so you'll never miss anything important that's going on in the background.

It boosts your productivity.

Other products might claim that they're boosting your productivity, but can they prove it? AlomWare Toolbox can show how often you use each of its features to give you an actual real Productivity Score. Think of how much slower you're working without it, and the quality-of-life improvements it brings to your workday.

It's always there for you.

AlomWare Toolbox is portable software that doesn't need installation. This means you can run it from a USB stick so that your reminders, notes, clipboard history, screenshots, and automated actions (such as auto-typing) remain with you and can be used instantly on any PC, like when you're hot-desking. No internet or logging in needed!


Discover just some of the ways that AlomWare Toolbox eases your workday!
Automation Functions

Easily create automated actions to do things for you such as typing text from hotkeys or shortcuts, manipulating textrecording your keys and mouse as macros for later playback, doing things with the mousewaiting for events to occurmanipulating your windows, manipulate files and folders, and generally make your PC do what you want.

Calendar and Reminders

Browse a calendar by multiple months for quick reference; calculate days between dates; create countdowns; and set reminders and scheduled tasks to do things like run DOS commands or automated actions when you choose. With AlomWare Toolbox, you can kiss the complicated and confusing Windows Task Scheduler goodbye!

Clipboard Management

Your plain clipboard text (and images) can be stored in a convenient history list, meaning you'll no longer lose that important text you copied! Text clips can be converted to sentence case and other various formats, such as sorting a text list into alphabetical order or adding bullet points.

You can also set automation triggers for clipboard text, so specific copied text can auto-run an action for you. Nice!

Files and Folders

Automatically back up files that you open with AlomWare Toolbox, so you can revert back at any time. Bulk rename files with easy scripts that can be saved for future use. Search folders with English-like phrases. Monitor a folder in real-time to keep an overview on which files get added, deleted, renamed, and modified.

Map your PC use

In addition to clipboard text tracking, the Map tab lets you keep track of which apps, documents, files, and folders* you've opened. This makes it very simple to re-open them again later when the need arises. Never again worry when closing a folder accidentally and having to navigate back!
* Re-opening closed folders is currently only for Windows 10 and lower.


This tab area lets you browse fonts with any text you like, and has a desktop info feature for showing on-screen details such as text under the mouse, a color picker, X/Y screen co-ordinates; and window information such as the title, class, handle, width, height, and more. All copyable.

Save and Restore PC States

Save the way things are running and open on your PC: all your apps and their window positions, the clipboard text, the desktop size and icon layouts; and then restore that state with just two easy clicks. See our video 🡥. Switching workflows during your day has never been so easy!

Screenshot Management

Pressing the PrintScreen key saves a screenshot for later viewing. Unlike other apps, ours also saves the URL of all web page shots so that you can re-visit them later (it's like having visual bookmarks!). Copy the text found in shots using OCR in the app provided by Windows. You can even specify certain apps to kill before taking a shot (such as "ScreenWings.exe") to ensure that a shot is always taken.

Tweak your PC

Start making your PC do things the way you want, such as changing notification positions; having a Caps Lock indicator; lock your PC but still see what it's doing; drag windows by holding the Alt key down with left mouse anywhere on them; having a thumbnail overview of all windows; seeing which windows are admin; and more.

Window Management

Middle-click the icon area of any window to open a Power menu for it. This menu lets you do things to that window such as keeping it always on top of others; changing its transparency; locking it in place; rolling it up to its title bar (but with a live thumbnail to still see it); docking it to move with others; do something when it closes; and so on.

Work Overview

The Work Overview is a live thumbnail strip of all open windows on your PC, so you can keep track of what's going on without Alt+Tabbing or moving or minimizing windows. The size of thumbnails can be changed, and you can filter them by window title or app type.

Your privacy is respected

At AlomWare, we believe your privacy is important and therefore some items in the app can be disabled in the Settings. For example: you can turn off screenshots, the Map function, and the clipboard history; or choose which text to never save to the clipboard history. It's up to you!

Why is AlomWare Toolbox right for me?

  • It's portable.  This means no installation and it runs directly from its own folder (even from a USB stick), meaning all your reminders, notes, clipboard history, screenshots, and automated actions (auto-typing, etc) can travel with you anywhere and be used instantly on any PC; even without the internet. You need this convenience in your life!
  • It's small.  AlomWare Toolbox is a slim, fast, native Win32 executable; not a bloated Windows app from the Store. Where else can you get all these productivity-boosting features in just one single file that is under 4 MB in size?
  • It's offline.  AlomWare Toolbox doesn't need an internet connection to be used, and you don't need to create an online cloud account to use it. You don't get any of that "Login with Facebook or Google" tracking rubbish here.
  • It's private.  Everything you do with AlomWare Toolbox is unknown to us and others. We don't track you at all, and quite frankly, we don't want to know your business. Whatever you do in the app, stays in the app. Guaranteed!
  • It's reliable.  There's no auto-updating of AlomWare Toolbox; so you choose when to download a new update and start using it. This means there's no unexpected surprises of anything breaking and ruining your productivity.
  • It's affordable!  AlomWare Toolbox gives you all this with one lifetime payment that is less than the cost of a night out with friends. And consider this dismaying observation: buying, running and maintaining multiple different apps to do all that AlomWare Toolbox does could cost you well over $500 per month... why spend more than you need to?

Frequently Asked Questions

AlomWare Toolbox is a productivity tool intended for office users in the workplace. It is not a gaming tool and is not suitable to be used for gaming (such as keystroke spamming or grinding). We are unable to assist with or support any gaming-related questions.

Yes! There is no malware or spyware in it, and it doesn't send data from your PC over the internet to us or anyone else at all. You can block it with a firewall 🡥 if you're not convinced.

After downloading the zip file, "unzip" it for use (video 🡥) and double-click the "Toolbox.exe" file to run it. If Windows shows you a false positive warning, you may need to allow it to run and/or whitelist the exe in your anti-virus software as an exclusion. Doing this does not mean it's unsafe.

These independent websites vouch for the safety and reputation of the app and us:

Satisfied customer reviews published on Trustpilot.com 🡥
Google's Transparency Report for AlomWare.com 🡥
VirusTotal's malware report for AlomWare.com 🡥

No. The app is true portable software, which means all its settings and data is stored locally (offline) in the folder where you unzipped it. Even its system tweaks will not change any existing Registry items or modify your PC's settings to be applied.

Our tweaks are only active while the app is running, therefore making AlomWare Toolbox the safest and most non-invasive Windows tweaking app around! You'll never need to restore from a PC backup or roll back with System Restore to "undo" our tweaks.

AlomWare Toolbox requires Windows 7 or later (64-bit only), with or without admin rights. Running it as admin gives it far better functionality and control of your PC. There is no setup or installation needed due to being portable: just unzip the download into its own folder and run "Toolbox.exe" for instant use.

The app is a standard Win32 executable, meaning that it can't support dark mode natively like Windows Store apps; but it does have a setting to dim its windows to reduce glare as a compromise (image). You can also change the color scheme to whatever you wish, or even have no color scheme at all (so its windows and prompts will use your current PC scheme for accessibility reasons).

AlomWare Toolbox always has a free casual mode which is fully functional for occasional daily use for both office workers and private home users, which is enabled when you enter a short usage code each day. Please note that no tech support is provided for this free mode.

For long-term and heavy daily use for solo office workers, we have a low annual cost that removes the need for usage codes. Payment for this might be tax-deductible for your situation, and we recommend that you seek independent financial advice to see if this applies to you. Thank you for supporting us!

Need AlomWare Toolbox for your entire office staff or organization? Please contact us for a quote.

Refund Policy: Just as a scratched lottery ticket can't be returned after purchase, neither can our personal unlock codes be taken back after we've taken the time to create and send them to you. AlomWare Toolbox is 100% free to try before you buy, so please do so before paying.

We have a partial Online Manual 🡥 for you to browse, but please note that the "Automation" topic isn't fully done at this time. Please ensure you read the entire manual; particularly the "Troubleshooting" topic.

AlomWare Toolbox is a very powerful and feature-rich product, and if you only spend a few minutes with it then you're going to miss out on all it can offer. It actually does far more than you might assume. Take some time to browse what all the automation steps can do and you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Consider AlomWare Toolbox your all-in-one assistant, giving you centralized access to everyday actions through a user-friendly interface.

MajorGeeks.com 🡥

With all its tools and options, this application is by excellence a viable assistant for daily office use, [saving] both time and effort when carrying out routine tasks.

Softpedia.com 🡥

Want to be a power user without going through the trouble of discovering and installing so many things? This is where AlomWare Toolbox comes in.

MakeUseOf.com 🡥

This tool has so many uses that Windows should have, so the small price was very much worth it. I'd recommend this software for just about anyone who uses Windows daily since it makes everything so much better!

Actual user review 🡥

AlomWare Toolbox is a unique "jack of all trades" piece of software. It provides a ton of time-saving features that almost anyone can incorporate into their daily use. I have used it a few weeks and found the updates to be fast.

Actual user review 🡥

AlomWare.com is making software that allows the user to get the most out of their time and device. With frequent updates and transparent devs, it's one of the best pieces of software I use, and I plan to keep using it.

Actual user review 🡥