AlomWare Toolbox v1.04

Still only $25!  For Windows 7 (64-bit) and later.  No account or installation needed.

Auto-type Text and Phrases

Quickly type regular text such as your email address, canned responses to customers, etc... all from a hotkey or shortcut trigger. Kiss typos goodbye!

Automation Functions

Create automated actions that perform functions like launching apps, clicking things, waiting for something (such as a battery level change), and so on.

Calendar and Reminders

Browse a calendar by multiple months and calculate days between dates; and set reminders and scheduled tasks like DOS commands or automated actions.

Clipboard Management

Your plain clipboard text and images can be retained in a history: no longer lose what you copy! Clips can also be converted to sentence case and such.

Save and Restore PC States

Save the way everything is running on your PC (apps and their windows, the clipboard text, desktop size and icons, etc) and restore that state in two clicks.

Tweak your PC

Make your PC do things the way you want, such as changing the notification position, keeping Num Lock on, drag windows by holding Alt down, etc.

Window Management

Auto-move your regular windows to the size and position you prefer, and keep them on top, have transparency, dock them to move with others, etc.

Work Overview

See all open windows of your PC in one on-top thumbnail strip at all times, complete with real-time live updates. Never switch to see a window again!

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